Support for Aging CRT Displays Aging Out

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While support for your aging CRT display units is coming to an end, we’ve got some advice and a few options for you.

For our Citation Excel (Cessna Citation 560XL) owners, as well as select Bombardier products including Global Express and Express XRS aircraft equipped with Honeywell DU-870 display units, your DUs can be upgraded to the DU-875 right where the aircraft sits. That’s right: ACI Jet’s technicians can upgrade your system without you ever needing to fly the aircraft out to our repair station (although we’d still love to see you).

The timing might be better than you know…

Per Bombardier’s maintenance manual for extended ground time, display units are susceptible to damage from condensation and/or excessive heat: common conditions for aircraft that are waiting out local and national travel restrictions.

With support coming to an end, damaged units will need to undergo repairs from a third-party vendor and that are not under warranty. We’re happy to perform those repairs, but we’ve got another idea. Upgrading your display units before they fail means that you’ll get all the advantages of a modern flight deck listed below, and you won’t have to do it in an AOG event:

  • Pathway to Synthetic Vision and other advanced resources
  • Weight savings and expanded reliability
  • Updated support from Honeywell
  • No more burned images, blank spots, strobing or flickering

Don’t end up SOS with an AOG due to CRT failure. Contact ACI Jet today to learn more about your options.

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