"Trouble with Teacups."

The Cup Holder Problem

  • Aircraft: Bombardier Challenger 604
  • Key Contributor(s): Avionics, Brian
The question we always ask ourselves is “how can we make this possible?” We try to find creative solutions for problems that others may just never attempt to solve. Recently a Challenger 604 came in that needed a lot of interior work done. The previous owners had a custom cup holder made for them, which included a special holder for teacups so that the handle would fit.  The new owners did not want this since normal cups would move around in the cup holder. This increased the risk of spilling their drink, so our head of avionics, Brian, got right to work! 

The challenge with this particular project was that it wasn’t just as simple as swapping out the teacup holder for a standard one. This would expose a hole in the wood where the cutout was made for the handle of the teacup. This would normally mean that all the woodwork would need to be redone, costing potentially hundreds of thousands of dollars. Yikes! 
There had to be a better solution. Brian drew up an idea where instead of two seperate cup holder pieces, why not cut the wood in between the two and make a custom cup holder that was all one piece that still fit? Brian then created a 3D mold of what it would look like and got it milled. Of course it was milled out of the same finish of aluminum that the rest of the aircraft’s hardware had so everything matched. 

Not only did this creative solution save the customer money, but it also saved time so that the aircraft could get back in the air sooner. This is just another great example of how our Repair Station goes above and beyond to deliver the best product possible!

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