"3D Printing Wins the Day.... Again!"

Solving Aviation Problems with 3D Printing

  • Aircraft: Bombardier Challenger 604
  • Date: 2022
  • Key Contributor(s): Chris
Many projects are sometimes tedious and require time to accomplish. This is where our resident tinkerer, Chris, brings his creativity. Chris is Solidworks certified and brings creative solutions to complex problems. Here at ACI Jet we love to flex our creative muscles with 3D printing. 

The Bombardier Challenger 604 has a liner around the windshield that has specific dimensions. Working around this liner can be tedious and cumbersome. Chris designed and 3D printed some scrapers that work around to scrape material around the liner so that we can maintain the exact, specific dimensions of the windshield liner. This tool makes the job easier and Chris doesn’t have to do any guess work. 3D printing wins the day again!

This is one of many examples of tools that we have created to help solve problems and save time, while delivering a high quality product. When talking with Chris he mentioned that “why not make the job easier, avoid cutting corners, save time, and save money in the process?” This is the mentality we take when doing repairs. These are tools that can be made for specific projects and on top of that, you won’t find them in any other Repair Station.                    
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