Take your inflight experience to the next level

Take your inflight experience to the next level with



AVANCE transforms your aircraft.

The Gogo AVANCE platform is a powerful inflight Wi-Fi and entertainment solution that future-readies your aircraft by leveraging a software-centric design, continuously evolving to cater to the connected needs of everyone on board. Offered in two different solutions with a variety of configurations, AVANCE can be customized to meet the unique needs of your flight plan.



Gogo’s most powerful inflight connectivity system, AVANCE L5, delivers an incredible 4G experience and is the platform technology that will enable Gogo 5G. Enjoy the best-in-class connectivity solution that allows you to do everything digitally possible, from video conferencing to streaming live TV. AVANCE L5 also supports up to 40 devices simultaneously with full internet access, making sure that everyone on board is connected.

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For those who want something simpler, the AVANCE L3 keeps everyone on board connected so they can get more done during their flight. Operating on Gogo’s 3G network, the AVANCE L3 will allow you to keep on top of work, keep in touch with family and friends, and stay entertained while in flight – all while keeping a low budget. Get more out of your flight time with this powerful, cost-effective inflight Wi-Fi platform that evolves to meet the connected needs of everyone onboard.

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Gogo 5G

Gogo 5G℠ is for those who want to do it all without restrictions. Gogo’s 5G network is built exclusively for business aviation and will give you more of everything: more speed, more capacity, more devices, more live experiences – all without compromising bandwidth. If you want to enjoy a next-level connectivity experience, look no further than Gogo 5G.

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When you get Gogo Vision 360, you get access to tons of the latest hit TV and movie titles streamed to everyone on board, plus the hottest e-magazine titles, your own 3D moving map, and more. New titles are being updated monthly (including Disney!) and all housed locally on your AVANCE system, so you can enjoy without using up your data plan or bandwidth.

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